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CRC Donates Food

Every day, food goes to waste at grocery stores around the country. And every day, good people go hungry in our community. Here at CRC We Care! We Share!, we are working hard to help those who need food in our community.

We pick up donated food from large groceries and load up our dry van and refrigerated trailers with all the food we can carry. Produce, frozen food, baked food, canned food—all unspoiled food—and bring it to local food banks instead of letting it go to waste.

At CRC, we believe that giving back to the community and sharing our success with others benefits everyone.

With healthier options and greater variety in our food banks, fewer children and adults will suffer from malnutrition and hunger on a daily basis.  

Join the CRC family in our fight against food waste and donate to your local food bank today!

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CRC Natural Disaster Aid

When Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on our neighbors in Houston, CRC stepped up to lend a hand. Partnering with Jefferson Parish Councilman Jack Rizzuto and Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn, CRC Global Solutions worked to collect food, clothing, and other goods to send to Houston.  

Members of the CRC Global Solutions family were also affected by Hurricane Harvey and we have a special relationship with the people of Houston.  We all remember how Houstonians opened their hearts to us after Hurricane Katrina.

At CRC, we don’t forget the kindness of others, and we focus on how to give back.  

If you have an idea for how to give back to our community, contact CRC Global Solutions and we’ll see how our family of companies can help!

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5th Annual We Care! We Share! Fishing Rodeo

Save the date! CRC Global Solutions is proud to announce the 5th Annual We Care! We Share! Fishing Rodeo! Join us on June 9 -10, 2017 in Delacroix, Louisiana to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Featuring an all-new kayak fishing division, this year’s rodeo is sure to make a splash! Register now to reserve your ticket or make a donation!

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Ronnie Mains Tapped for Port NO, Jefferson Parish Task Force

CRC’s very own founder, Ronnie Mains was selected as a member of a newly formed task force between the Port of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish.  The group of industry leaders aims to grow development along the Mississippi River.  

The thought is that expanding the Port’s footprint into Jefferson Parish will benefit the local economy and make New Orleans an even more attractive shipping hub.    

Mains is deeply committed to the community and focuses on using the benefits of CRC’s success to bring new development into Jefferson Parish.  Ronnie’s goal is to grow the maritime industry in Jefferson along the riverfront as an extension of the Port of New Orleans.

With more riverfront development, Mains hopes to create more quality jobs and improve the quality of life for all members of the community.  

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Read the article here.

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One Big, Happy Family of Companies

Check out to learn more about CRC Global Solutions and our Founder, Ronnie Mains! Our family of companies, core values, and community outreach efforts are featured in the December 2016 edition of the magazine. Find out what CRC can do for you!

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CRC Steps Up for Food Bank

CRC to the rescue!  When the Kenner Food Bank lacked the resources to hire transportation to ship food, CRC donated their services to transfer the food from the grocery distribution centers to the food bank’s locations. Donating labor, time, and equipment to the cause, CRC Global Solutions sprang into action, delivering the support the community so deeply needed. 

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